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Inspiring hope, health and renewal

Who we are... 

After serving in pastoral ministry for 24 years as a youth pastor, lead pastor and executive teaching pastor, we have encountered some amazing victories worth celebrating, along with some heart crushing lows that threatened to steal our joy, our motivation and even our marriage.  So whether you're in a great spot (and want to make sure you stay there) or in a season of struggle, it would be our privilege to walk with you.  

our story...  

What we offer...

Coaching / Counseling for ministry individuals / couples.

  • In person or zoom calls. 

  • Once a month / bi-monthly. 

  • Couple sessions.  One on one sessions.

  • Three day intensives.   

Guest speaking for weekend services (including sabbatical seasons).  

Event speaking (individually or as a couple team

  • ministry couple retreats

  • mens / womens retreats

  • leadership training events

  • conferences

Church consulting (Cory and Amy come as a couple team)​

  • Relational conflicts

  • Staff dynamics / health

  • Women in ministry issues / awareness

  • Pastors wives care and health

Mike, Lead Pastor, MN

I have known Pastor Cory & Amy for 20+ years and worked with them in a variety of settings. They have always displayed a passionate love for Jesus, the Word of God & others. Everything they do they do with excellence, joy and integrity. 

Krista, Pastors Wife, MN

Amy Stout is an amazing woman of God. When she speaks, she has this anointing to connect with one's heart. She has an amazing amount of transparency, authenticity and realness to her walk with Jesus. It allows those listening or receiving counsel to feel "not alone." She does not walk above you, but alongside of you in her counsel. I'm so thankful for Amy in so many aspects. The way she mothers still sticks with me as I raise my own children. She truly loves her husband and honors him in front of others. There is such wisdom that comes from her. Her knowledge of the bible is very impactful and inspiring. I highly highly urge anyone to receive counsel from Amy!!! 

DeeAnn, Pastor's Wife, WI

I have known Amy for over 25 years and from her first comment to me to the most recent text, she has communicated encouragement.  She looks to weave wisdom from the Word of God with wisdom gleaned in relationships and presents it in a clear and relevant way to her audience.  Amy has an energetic and authentic presence that easily connects with others!

Amy has a passion to see others whole and is willing to be a part of that healing process.  I've never seen her shy away from a hard topic!  She asks insightful questions and listens intently, helping clients get to the core of their issues.  She and her husband are an incredible team and deeply respect each other's giftings.  It's such a relief to talk with someone who understands the challenges, hurts and joys of being in ministry. 

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